New Sterling Silver Ring Products, sizes 11-14

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Introducing new rings and pendants to our online SilverNess store!

This week, we've just add 7 new rings to our online collection. Here's a closer look at the new items.

Freemason Range

Both these rings are priced at $82 and are available in sizes 11-14. They prominently feature the well known Freemason symbol of the square and the compasses, surrounding the letter G, and is arguably the most recognizable symbol of this secretive organisation. The history and tradition surrounding Freemasonry is rich and fascinating to research. Whether your connection to the Freemasons is personal, or if you just like the imagery, these rings are a terrific item to accessorize with and are a great collector's item.

Masonic Ring

This ring features the Freemason's emblem on a dotted background, and leaves at the top and bottom of the symbol. On each side are some spiraling patterns.

The G in the center of the emblem gives significance to many different things. Among them Geometry Science, which is fundamental to the trade of Stonemasons, and a belief in a God, which signifies the spiritual aspect of Freemasonry.  

Freemason Ring

This ring showcases the Freemason's emblem of the Square and the Compasses with the letter G on a striking background of outstretched lines, similar to the rays of a sun. The whole image is contrasted by a visually striking brick pattern.

Many of the items used as symbols in Freemason circles relate to the craft of the stonemasons from which they trace their origins. It's amazing that so many of the practices and tools stonemasons used as early as the 14th century are still being used in the modern world.

Dragon Range

Already featured in our store are rings that feature lions, bear claws, snakes and wolves. Throughout history, we have identified various human characteristics that is exemplified in a particular species of animal. And while the Dragon may be a mythological creature, its traits and character have been featured heavily in many different cultures and ages. 

Dragon with wings

This dragon ring features two majestic wings and an entwining snake-like body, on top of a circlet of scales and jagged edges. Priced at $86 AUD this would be a terrific gift for a son, brother or husband as a statement jewellery piece.



These other two rings also feature the dragon in powerful, and fashionable ways. The adjustable Dragon ring has the functionality to adjust its size to be worn on many different fingers. The roaring dragon's head, is the ultimate statement piece and is sure to impress a crowd. These are priced at $65 and $165 AUD respectively.



Om and Claddagh Rings

For $72 AUD this ring featuring the Claddagh symbol is available in sizes 11-14.





For $75 AUD, this ring featuring the OM character is available in sizes 11-14. The traditional Hindu symbol is a sacred sound and spiritual icon in the religion. The sound also has deep significance in the religions of Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. It's a perfect item to connect you to your spiritual roots and convey your reverence for the 3500 years of history and tradition it represents. 

For $72 AUD, this ring featuring the Claddagh symbol is available in sizes 11-14. The Claddagh Ring is a traditional Irish symbol that represents love, loyalty and friendship. It features a heart, held in two hands, with a royal crown adorning the heart. Use this to display your Irish heritage, or as a special engagement ring

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